In February 2001 – 2003 I worked with a group of people in Birmingham suffering with mental health problems and a group in London with varying symptoms. African-Caribbean people suffering from mental health problems are one of the most disadvantaged group in the UK because they are social excluded. Their illness/symptom is treated with medication and in some case the dosage are far too high but the whole person gets ignored.
What gets overlooked is the attaining and maintaining of their mental health:

1. A positive sense of Well-being
2. belief in their own worth and dignity
3. Ability to deal with the inner world of thinking, feelings, managing life and taking risks
4. Ability to initiate, develop and sustain mutually satisfying personal relationships which is the mainstay
of the individual.

I took time out to continue my studies so that I may deliver additional services that meet their specific needs.
I am presently Setting-up a Pilot Project that offers Complementary Therapies to services users of enduring mental health and other illness. The project proposes has set priorities of improving the health and well-being of people suffering with problems arising from medical conditions symptoms. We worked with gender who-suffers as well as living with mental health, sexual abuse and victim of domestic abuse and who lives below the poverty level and women with very low self-esteem who cares for children with lack of family and social networks.

We work in diversity by promoting cultural sensitive programme of activities aimed at alleviating distress, promoting good health and variety in the everyday life of the users. The opportunity to share with each other aspirations as well as concerns and participate as well as access the various therapies on offer.
The project offers the following therapies:

• Aromatherapy/Mas
• Beauty Care
• Indian Head Massage
• Reflexology
• Therapeutic Massage

Service Aims:
• To offer a range of therapies
• To offer a range of interventions aimed at complementing existing treatment regimes.
• To enhance self-esteem, promote relaxation/stress management and improve an individual’s emotional and
physical well being.
• To assist in the reduction of symptoms experienced by individuals suffering from enduring mental health
• To introduce a range of activities that will enable service users to explore some cultural appropriate
• To explore with service users a participative agenda that allows them to learn with a view to practice
alternative therapies (in the future)

• All clients will be known to mental health services and will meet set eligibility criteria.
• Referrals will be accepted from the Community Mental Health Teams as part of the CPA process, and treatment
offered would be part of the overall care plan.
• A full consultation would be offered to each individual. This will include an assessment of need,
identification of contra-indications and after care advice.
• The Care Co-ordinator will be informed of the treatment plan and of the outcomes; of why the therapy was
considered unsuitable.
• Informed and documented consent will be obtained from the client before treatment, including permission to
liaise with the Care Co-ordinator and/or medical officers.
• Therapist will document written records of the treatment and outcomes.

The Therapist involved in the Complementary Therapy Service have successfully completed the relevant training by a recognized organization. The service is managed by Leanora Headley Director of: Leanora’s Enterprise Limited.
Complementary medicine works alongside conventional medicine. It does not replace the family physician or the necessary medications or surgery one may require at certain times in their lives, however it does allow the person to assume more responsibility for their own body, health and well-being. Complementary Therapies can help improve a person’s emotional and physical well-being especially when provided in conjunction with other support services.


Treat yourselves to a pampering day which consists of Relaxation Therapies and much more.
The therapies on offer are:

• Aromatherapy Massage
• Indian Head Massage
• Manicure
• Reflexology
• Remedial Massage
• Therapeutic Massage

The Pampering will refresh your tired body and soothe the troubles from the mind, it will leave you feeling stress-free and refreshed. Treat yourself or a friend to a luxurious pamper day. [STOP: S= Be Selfish and Put Yourself First – T= Quality Time – O= Opportunity – Self Indulgence – P= Pleasure and Possibilites]

Spoil your loved one with a pampering day and enjoy the sublime pleasure of refreshing treatments and a surplus of spoiling. It will ensure that you’re utterly relaxed, revitalised and recharged, ready to face the world and take on the challenges of your everyday life with renewed enthusiasm.

Confidence is one of the vital weapon needed to face the challenges of life. It is important to remember that people with high self esteem behave confidently. The individual needs to be confidence in the matters of (1) relationships (2) work.

The benefits in sharing Therapies include the sharing of ideas, opinion and advice on holistic healing therapies, experiences in varying therapies, exploring of different techniques.