Leanora’s Onsite Programmes in the workplace reduce absenteeism by aiding fatigue; induce relaxation and the aiding of stress and its related disorders. We will help your organizations’ workforce to be more effective by attaining and maintaining their well-being whilst helping them to manage stress using the medium of complementary approaches.
Our onsite programmes reduce costs for the organization, promote efficiency and monitor effectiveness through evaluation.

We will attend your workplace to give the treatments of your choice. Advice given on Whole Health includes Repetitive Strain Injury, a major cause using the computer and mouse on a daily basis. Clients remain fully clothed relaxining in a comfortable purpose built chair to receive a Deep Back Massage or revitalising Indian Head Massage targetting specific groups of muscle with traditional massage. Session can take 15 – 30 minutes enabling up 24 people to be seen in one day. Treatments tailored to your organization’s needs. Ring Leanora’s today and find out the best ways to manage stress, please give her a ring on the number below.

+44 01376 513326/01376 518100 and/or email